Flying J Travel Plaza Problems

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In the past, residents have been up in arms with the idea of the Flying J travel plaza making a home in Dothan. The plaza is slated to be at the corner of South Oates and Ross Clark Circle and people are expecting heavy traffic problems with the new business.

Last month, California’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against Flying J Incorporated, noting several violations in six truck stops. The suit states problems with underground storage tanks and tampering with leak detection devices.

News 4 met with city officials today to see what will be done to protect Dothan from the same thing from happening here.

The corner of South Oates and Ross Clark Circle is a jungle of weeds and trees but soon it will be a bustling truck stop and travel plaza.

In California, six locations of the Flying J Incorporated have had a serious environmental impact but Dothan city officials say there is no need to worry of that happening here.

Jerry Corbin, Director of Public Works Dept, said "This will be handled like any other commercial development. We will look at the permit for grading plan, approve the construction plan. And we will have inspectors visit the site on a regular basis."

However, he says anytime there is plumbing there is a risk of some leaks.

"It's an unfortunate situation where it is involving fuel. We will do everything we can to ensure the installation is proper," said Corbin.

The final design has not been submitted but they expect to start at the location in the next few months.

The complaint in California alleges that Flying J has violated fifty codes. If found guilty, the company faces multi-million dollar penalties.