Old Abandoned Plant Could Be Demolished

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It sits on 148 acres of land on State Highway 134 in Headland.

Surrounding it lays abandoned office buildings, overgrown shrubs, houses and farm land.

Riding through it gives a reminder of what was once the most dominant industry in the area.

The US EPA says what concerns them however, is what could lie beneath and inside the old American Brass Company.

"They claim that they've found baron and PCB's to my knowledge, we had a study done at the IDB board expense 10 years ago, they only found that there was lead and it was confined to only certain areas of the building" says Bill Parker, the chairman of Headland's Industrial Development Board

From a chemical fertilizer company in the 60's, to a brass company in the 70's, what was once known as American Brass Incorporated closed down in 1992 due to ownership disagreements that led to bankruptcy.

Left behind were selenium, manganese, magnesium and zinc, just to name a few. Now a public meeting has been called by the EPA.

"It's for them to give us an update on it and for them to actually determine what's gone have to be done before the property can be disposed of for commercial use," Headland Mayor Reuben Shelley explains.

And area residents say it’s about time. No one would go on camera, but they say the plant has long been an eyesore and at night it brings unfamiliar company.

The EPA is looking at a demolition clean-up with a price tag of 4.6 million dollars. But when the EPA will make its next move no one knows. It could be six months. it could be 2 years.

The site is currently owned by the Industrial Development Board of Headland who leased the property to ABI.