Geneva County Riverside Arrest

Geneva police say they have arrested a man believed responsible for much of the gunfire and drug activity at the Riverside housing project.

Neighbors are hoping the worst is now behind them.

Geneva police Chief Frankie Lindsey checks a home his officers raided. It’s called "the drug store" by both police and residents of the riverside housing project, which is across the street authorities reportedly found crack cocaine and firearms.

55-year-old Maurice Cox was taken into custody.

"Maurice Cox has been arrested before. Been in the system, been in the penitentiary. A felon in possession of a firearm is a federal charge. We are talking with the US attorney," said Chief Frankie Lindsey.

Cox is in the Geneva County jail on crack cocaine charges. Authorities also believe he is responsible for much of the random gunfire that has taken place over recent months there. Riverside resident Tammy Smith is glad something has been done.

"I just hope they do something about it. Keep coming through. They’ve been doing it a lot more. I’m glad for it," said Smith.

The Geneva head start project is located less than one-hundred yards from the housing project. One area resident worries about the safety of the innocent.

Geneva resident Ricky Newdiger said, "Geneva used to be a safe place to live, work or whatever. These days you are afraid to go out in your yard."

Maurice Cox is in the Geneva County jail. Police are hoping he will also face federal charges in order to extend any possible prison term.