SARCOA Older American's Day

Thousands of senior citizens from a seven county area were in Dothan Wednesday for the 20th annual "Older American's Day" event.

The "Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging" hosts the event every year as a tribute to those 60-years and older.

This year, they provided lunch and entertainment from the 1940's. They also paid tribute to Ft. Rucker and World War II veterans.

A number of exhibitors were also on hand for the event.

"They enjoy the giveaways our exhibitors have, but they learn something from all of our booths and have a good time. They see good entertainment and I think they just go home feeling refreshed," said Robert Crowder\SARCOA, Executive Dir.

SARCOA provides a variety of other programs and services to those 60 years and older.

More than 200 volunteers from businesses throughout the community were helping at Wednesday’s event.