Houston County Domestic Violence Setback

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Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover says of the 16 murders worked by his office in the past 12 years, 11 were the result of domestic violence. He wants to control the domestic violence problem.

His office has already investigated more than 100 domestic violence incidents so far this year, but in spite of the magnitude of the problem, women are often reluctant to prosecute.

Director of House of Ruth Beverlye Youse said, "Most victims go back out of fear. One woman amply told me when I asked why she was going back, she said because she could better monitor his moods."

Sheriff Glover is asking Houston County commissioners to let him hire three more deputies and form a family protection unit. The team would help domestic violence victims prosecute their cases.

"We want to make sure that we have our deputies properly trained and they can assist the victim," said Sheriff Glover.

District attorney Doug Valeska has agreed to chip in money and help train the unit.

"It's important for us to work together to help solve the problem, but also win the case in court," said Valeska.

If his budget request is approved, Sheriff Glover says he could have the family protection unit on the job in October.

Sheriff Glover says members of the family protection unit would come from existing personnel from within his department.

The three new deputies to replace them would be assigned to the patrol division.