Cottondale Home Flooding

A Jackson County homeowner said he needs a boat to get to his house and he blames local officials for the problem.

Curtis Benefield said he's become a pretty good shot with a rifle. But, it's shooting he'd rather not have to do. Each day, Benefield shoots anywhere from five to 10 water moccasins that are swimming in his front yard.

The McClain Street home in Cottondale is surrounded by more than two feet of water. Benefield said the flooding stems from blocked drainage ditches and he wants the city and/or county to clear it out.

McClain Street resident Andrea Johnson worries for the safety of her three-year-old daughter.

With the possibility of bad weather this weekend, Benefield fears additional rainfall will result in his home being flooded.

Benefield said he may pursue legal action if local officials refuse to clean out the drainage ditches around his home.