Jackson County Neighborhood Nicknamed as “Murder Row”

Three years ago, the bodies of Kenneth Powell and Sabrena Tedder were found inside their burned home. Since then, authorities have been treating the case as a homicide with very few clues.

Neighbors on Missouri Road have nicknamed the street "murder row."

They say several people have turned up dead on different parts of the street within the past few years. However they'll never forget the day Kenneth Powell was killed.

Samantha Thomas, area resident, said, "We were standing out in the yard with the kids and he came flying by. We yelled at him to slow down, we didn't know what was going on or anything. The kids were riding their bikes and power toys."

Then, less than an hour later the day turned tragic.

"We didn't hear anything, no gunshots or nothing. Then my mom came up and she said she went down there and they told her he was dead and so is his girlfriend," said Thomas.

On the day of the murders, Jackson County authorities were called to Powell’s home for a house-fire and the fire didn't take long to put out.

"So we began to leave as we did, we got a call from the fire team saying, you better get back here. We've got a couple of bodies in here," said Sheriff John McDaniel.

Since that day, authorities have suspected foul play, and those in the neighborhood are afraid to stay outside.

Authorities have a couple of "persons of interest" in the case, but there are still no fresh leads.

They're offering $5500 reward for any new information that leads to an arrest.

Anyone with that information can call the Jackson County Crimestoppers at 850-526-5000 or the Jackson County sheriff's office at 850-482-9664.