Gas Prices and Local Businesses

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President Bush wants Americans to be treated fairly at the pump, but doesn't plan on taxing money making oil companies. Either way, local Dothan businesses are feeling the pain at the gas pump.

Gas prices are high, but consumers aren't only paying at the pump. If gas keeps rising the way it is the consumer might start paying more for their day to day services.

Mike Hall is the owner of H&H Chem Turf Lawn Services. For him, running a three person crew, 11 businesses with the high gas prices has gotten costly.

"It's going to affect our ability to provide good service to our clients. It’s going to affect our pricing, so the way gasoline prices are going right now its driving every up in our business," said Mike Hall.

Everything from pesticides to fertilizer. Natural gas is used to produce euria, which is used to produce fertilizer. It is a hot product when it comes to lawn care. If prices for goods keep going up for business owners, prices will go up for consumers.

Mike says on average they get about 150 gallons of gas a month and pay about $350. That was before gas prices went up.

"It affects them to whether they can actually continue to afford my service," said Hall.

Delivery services are also filling the sting of the $3 average gas

Julie Culbreth owns Dothan's Flowers by Mary-Ann. She says to compensate for the high gas prices her contract deliveries have to be more unorganized.

"We can't do time deliveries, we can't guarantee a certain time, so we try to put our deliveries going on one side of town and group them," said Culbreth.

But she says she won't go up on the price of deliveries.

"I believe our delivery price is fair. We went up last summer and we kept our prices the same."

So from Mother's Day flowers to cutting grass, the change in your wallet is all because of high gas.

This isn't just a problem in the Wiregrass. It is a problem nationwide. Across the country, local family owned businesses have to cut back on freebies and other services.

According to The Associated Press, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Conoco-Phillips posted combined first quarter income of almost $16 billion. That's up 17 percent from last year.