Special Projects

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State Senator Roger Bedford routed more than $600,000 through the state tourism bureau to special projects in his district.

All that was done before Gov. Riley ordered an end to such "pass-through pork" practices.

The Russellvillle senator sent $150,000 to Buckmasters Limited -- a private, for-profit partnership -- to help put on a Montgomery convention.

Riley spokesman Pepper Bryars said the governor's order banning pass-through funds stopped an additional $150,000 from being released to Buckmasters.

Bryars said the governor banned the funds because the public did not know where the money was going.

Legislators have used state agencies to appropriate state funds that are later routed to pet projects in their districts. The pass-through pork is not seen by the public in the budgeting process.

Looney's Tavern Theater in Winston County was among other organizations that received funds from the tourism office. Looney's got more than $6,000.