Daniel Robison Released From Prison

South Carolina court officials have lowered the amount of back-alimony and child support they said was owed by a man who moved to Dothan more than a decade ago.

Thirty-nine-year-old Daniel Robison was arrested last week. He fled South Carolina in 1992. Back then Robison was known as Daniel Nash.

South Carolina authorities originally said Robison owed more than $180,000 in back-support and alimony.

However, that was before they found out that Robison’s ex-wife re-married in 1993 without notifying them to stop calculating alimony.

The correct amount is just over $80,000.

Robison was released from a South Carolina jail after making a lump-sum payment of more than $22,000.

A judge has also ordered Robison to pay monthly child support for his two daughters.