Jackson County Hurricane Preps

A Northwest Florida Emergency Management director says individual homeowners need to take more responsibility when it comes to preparing for a hurricane.

The Jackson County Commission approved EMA director Rodney Andreason’s plan to find more accessible shelter options.

Andreason is looking at contracting with manufactured home companies.

If a major storm hits the Central Panhandle, Andreason would like to have mobile homes rolling into the area within 72 hours to accommodate the storm victims.

He says the mistakes by FEMA following Hurricane Katrina shows private enterprise can often better serve the needs of the public.

"FEMA again is not a first responder agency. They are there to support us when things get beyond our capabilities. That’s why the state and local agencies need to be ready. We need to be ready of time," said Rodney Andreason, Jackson Co. EMA Director.

Andreason says he's still in the formularize stages in regard to providing shelter to those displaced by a hurricane. He hopes to have a plan ironed out in coming weeks.