Dothan Police Look to Conserve Gas

Skyrocketing gas prices continue to take a toll on drivers, small businesses and communities. The Dothan Police Department, which has 211 cars, is one city department that's cutting back because of the high price of fuel.

Dothan police officers are always on the streets patrolling and they are continuously filling up at the pumps. The department operates on a two year budget and the high gas prices have Dothan police Chief John Powell thinking.

“It's unanticipated and we have to tighten our belts,” Chief John Powell.

The department is going to mid-sized vehicles for unmarked cars which are more economical. They have eliminated the sports utilities from the fleet.

The chief has cut back on some things to reduce the amount of gasoline usage.

Any officer living more than 10 miles outside the city limits must take home personal vehicle.

If an officer patrols another job on the side, that other employer must pay for gasoline.

“I’m proud to say we are operating at a lower cost and we are benefiting from the changes,” said Chief Powell.

It is measures everyone must take to fit in their budget with the rising gas prices.

Chief Powell has even downsized from a SUV to a Crown Victoria because of the rising gas prices.