Pilot Club Fundraiser

It was secretary's day, but instead of taking the day off, Dothan’s administrative personnel gathered to donate their time towards Alzheimer research.

Members of Dothan’s Pilot Club, a group that contributes to brain related disorders, held an Alzheimer’s resource center fundraiser luncheon.

The luncheon, held on three separate occasions today, gave 300 Dothan administrative assistants a way to enjoy their day and give towards a good cause.

The Pilots Club thanked the secretaries, by distributing door prizes for everyone.

Pilot Club President, Angela Saad said, “And this helps her, the money from this with caregivers and it helps to support the community with the Alzheimer’s patients.”

WTVY would like to salute our administrative assistants. Julia Gassett, Dorothy Manning, and Brenda Stintson, thanks for all you do.