Enterprise School Gas Prices

Skyrocketing fuel costs are expected to be felt by school districts across the Wiregrass. The issue came up during the Enterprise city school board's monthly meeting.

Tyrone Williams has been an Enterprise school bus driver for nearly 20 years. However, in the last few weeks he says the fuel price jump has been "unbelievable" on the job and at home. Williams is thinking of ways to conserve.

In Alabama, public school districts are exempt from having to pay state and federal taxes on fuel. The price is approximately 40 to 50 cents cheaper a gallon than what an individual will pay. The price hike adds up on any given week; the Enterprise school district spends just under $180 on diesel.

When you compare the fuel tab in March to the year before, the city school district shelled out an additional $400 to keep the buses rolling.

If fuel prices continue to rise, it is expected to cause an undue hardship on many of the small school districts already operating under tight budgets.