Ft. Rucker Test Center Relocation

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The Aviation Technical Test Center at Fort Rucker will be relocating to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville.

The decision to move the test center was made during the Base Realignment and Closure process last year.

The Fort Rucker Aviation Test Center does developmental testing on aircraft and related systems. It has always had a presence in Huntsville. However, now the entire organization is moving north.

The Center Commander, Chris Sullivan, said, “It's going quite well. Huntsville has embraced us and we're working with partners to achieve our mission.”

The primary drive for moving is airspace and infrastructure, but right now there are very little buildings for the aircraft and people.

“It won't be until those facilities are completed that we move the organization,” said Sullivan.

Three hundred jobs will open up at the technical center in the rocket city. Fort Rucker employees will have the opportunity to move up there. Ten helicopters are already in Huntsville and there are 30 more left to move.

The entire moving process is expected to be complete by 2007.