Thunderstorms Pass Through Wiregrass

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A band of thunderstorms swept across Alabama last night. Many places here in the Wiregrass received as much as 2 and a half inches of rain within a short period of time.

Dothan utility crews were out in full force this morning to get the city up and running. The storms moved in around 3 Saturday morning, with the heaviest rain falling around 3:30 and 8:30. Many parts of the city lost power for a period of time. Downtown Dothan was without power for about 2 hours, including all traffic lights.

The root of the problem seemed to be a large tree that fell onto power lines just off Ross Clark Circle. Utility crews say problems like this happen when a city goes without rain for so long.

City of Dothan Utilities worker Kevin Johnson said, "it's been so dry. We got a lot of rain in a short period of time and in the first place the tree was rot and that was the cause of the problem, the tree."

Crews worked to remove the tree from the power line and within a short period of time all power was restored. A Dothan Utilities Worker said the storm knocked out 3 power substation in Dothan.

Mot outages were directly related to these substaions, but utility crews were able to restore power to those affected neighborhoods within an hour or two.