Inter-County Warrants

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Before Alabama’s legislative session ended earlier this week, a bill passed that will save taxpayers money, and law enforcement officers’ time.

The bill will make it easier for law enforcement to cross county lines to serve warrants.

On Wednesdays at the Houston County clerk or city magistrate offices, law officers can get their warrants signed so they may be served.

Currently, it’s not that way in other parts of the state.

Instead, officers who have to cross a county line to serve a warrant must go through some red tape first.

"You can't just walk into the clerk's office and think...everyone's going to drop their work, they have deadlines they got to meet and we got deadlines that we have to meet so it causes a conflict," said Sheriff Lamar Glover.

A conflict that costs time and money, and with high fuel prices law enforcement driving to other counties to get documents signed is an obstacle many courts, clerks, or deputies just don't want to deal with.

"It's just more paperwork, more time that we don't have in the system where we need to be in the courtroom," said Doug Valeska, Henry Co. District Attorney

This is why a new law will get law enforcement officers on the street and out of the courtrooms. Officials say the new law applies for all kinds of crimes.

One judge tells News 4, it’s even harder to have a warrant issued in some Wiregrass counties, because it’s a competition clause.

This new law will help alleviate that.

Currently Houston County’s clerk's office has hundreds of out-of-county warrants waiting to be signed.

Once Governor Riley signs that bill, they won't have to worry about that anymore.