Wednesday Night Street Shooting

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Around 9 p.m., Wednesday night, gunshots were fired near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Hamilton Street in Dothan. One person was killed and another injured.

Police have been working around the clock to find those responsible for this crime. Authorities have gone door to door asking questions and after many hours of investigation they've made three arrests.

"I was cooking and heard gunshots so I called the police and I’m afraid one day I may get shot," said area resident Elbert Coleman.

This was a mutual feeling for residents living on or near Fifth Avenue.

The shots killed 24-year-old Patrick Dixon and left 20-year-old Tryance Byrd severely wounded. They were driving in this car when shots came through the windows. Three suspects have been arrested.

Police said when incidents like this happen it is up to the neighbors to fill in police so they can make an arrest as quickly as possible.

"We need to make sure neighbors call if they see unusual events happen or hear gunshot wounds," Police Chief Powell.

Residents living near where the shooting took place said the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse and while they do call police when they hear gun shots, but that it is not uncommon to hear them day or night.

"When I lay down I don’t' know what to expect, but I'm on guard, I'm always on guard," said Coleman.

Dothan police are still investigating the deadly shooting.

Suspects will be charged with both capital murder and attempted murder.

The three people arrested are 17-year-old Michael Christopher James, 19-year-old Everett Morton and 19 year old Marcus Rivers.

All three will be held without bond in the Houston County jail.