Highway 167 Improvement Plan

The price of an acre of land has more than doubled in Enterprise in the last two years. To keep up with population growth, the Alabama Department of Transportation plans to improve the Boll Weevil Circle. Two lanes will be added to a heavily congested part of the bypass.

Long awaited news has arrived from the Alabama Department of Transportation. The state DOT will soon begin work to four-lane the Boll Weevil Circle from Highway 167 south. A two-mile stretch an approximate cost of five and a half million dollars.

Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell said, "With the growth on the south end of the bypass, an early childhood development center and two subdivisions, two additional lanes will make it safer."

The Enterprise child development center and a 150-unit housing subdivision area along the two-mile stretch estimates place the increased traffic count to more than 20,000 vehicles a day.

David Downing’s tire company is adjacent to where the work will take place.

"By having four lanes It’ll make it easier; I mean, it'll bring additional customers. It’ll create easier access to get into the business," said Downing.

"Besides the four-laning, city officials are also looking at synchronizing the traffic signals. Thus making traffic flow smoother," said Bud Baught.

City Councilman William Cooper said, "Folks going down tot he beach, that bypass can be very dangerous."

The state DOT will first have to do an overall study of the four-laning before work can actually get underway.

The Enterprise city council will wait on the state Department of Transportation to determine when the four-lane construction will get underway.