A Fugitive Brought to Justice

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After being on the run for more than a decade, a fugitive is brought to justice in Houston County for not paying child support or alimony.

When Daniel Nash moved back to Dothan 12 years ago he change his name to Daniel Robison; allegedly part of his plan to evade police and avoid spending time in jail. He owes $180,000 in back child support and alimony.

Daniel Nash has been living at a residence on Sowell Road for almost three years, but Friday he will be extradited to South Carolina to serve his time for not paying child support or alimony.

Police say Nash fled South Carolina and moved to Dothan to avoid paying child support to his two children.

Nash is required to serve a minimum of two months in jail in South Carolina. Police say situations like this affect the children more than anyone.

Police say they learned of Nash's whereabouts from an anonymous tipster, and are working diligently to bring more individuals like Nash in the Dothan area to justice.

Police say if Nash doesn't have the $181,000 they will seize his property to make up the difference so that his children can be well taken care of.

Nash will serve a maximum sentence of one year, and two months, in a South Carolina jail.

His arrest is part of the National Dead Beat Dad Program created to encourage more men to pay their child support.