A Headland Shooting Suspect May Have Jumped to His Death

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Last week, Johnny Ramorice Thomas broke into his estranged wife’s home with a shotgun. Police say he allegedly shot and killed Larry Corbitt of Pinkard, and wounded his 12-year-old stepson and mother-in-law.

Wednesday, police say Thomas couldn't take the pressure and ended his life.

Tuesday night a shotgun, a wallet, and a suicide note were found on the Chattahoochee Bridge.

In essence the note read that Johnny Ramorice Thomas was sorry for what he'd done and taken his life by jumping. Wednesday after four hours of searching around the Georgia side of the bridge, Houston county sheriff deputy dive crews turned up empty handed.

"There's a possibility that he may not have jumped, there's a possibility he may have jumped but still survived, there's also a possibility he died in the jump," said Houston Co. Sheriff Lamar Glover.

The Houston County search squad came out also to help in the effort.

"We're going to dive around the bridge, there's apparently a large hole and we're going to search that hole and then move down the river," said Wayne McKinnon, Houston Co. Search and Rescue.

However the Houston County rescue and search team faces two dilemmas; murky water and a high current that came through the area on Tuesday.

"Generally what happens is someone goes in the water they usually go fairly quickly to the bottom and remain there, however as time goes on and the temperature increases, the person's body may move under water, but it will eventually rise to the surface,” said McKinnon.

Last week Houston County officials did a similar search for a car that'd been found under water. That turned out to be a false alarm.

Usually in a search effort especially one that has murky water dive crews drags a chain of hooks on the floor of where they're searching.