GA Tech Arrested by FBI

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ATLANTA - The FBI is holding a Georgia Tech student accused of planning terrorist activity, but the student's family says he is innocent of wrongdoing, an Atlanta television station reported Tuesday night.

The family of Syed Ahmed, 21, told WAGA-TV that he was arrested a few weeks ago, but details of the case have not been made public.

The federal government has sealed all information about Ahmed's arrest, the station said.

"I was shocked. He is being accused of something he didn't do. They put in him jail for nothing," the electrical engineering student's sister, Fica, told WAGA.

She said agents came to their Dawsonville home, stayed for almost three hours and confiscated compact discs from her brother's room, and copied his computer hard drive.

Ahmed's mother, Samia, said he did visit Pakistan in 2005 for a month, but for Islamic study.

She said she has visited her son twice since his arrest and talked to him through a glass window.

The station said the U.S. Marshal's Office confirmed Ahmed was in custody but was told the case is sealed.

The family said they were working with an attorney to try and get more details, but WAGA said the lawyer declined comment.