Geneva’s Riverside Neighborhood

Residents and law enforcement alike have referred to Geneva’s Riverside housing complex as Fort Apache.

Many say it's a dangerous place where drug deals and occasional gunfire is never far away.

Tammy Denette Smith is a resident of Riverside and she is definitely taking a proactive stand in trying to rid her neighborhood of drug deals and random shootings.

Smith and several of her neighbors at the Riverside housing project say taking a walk at night is a risky proposition. Smith says one can often encounter a drug deal in progress or you hear nearby gunfire. Friday and Saturday nights appear to be the worst.

A second resident does not believe his neighbors are causing the problems. Henry McIntyre says out-of-town motorists are coming in to buy drugs.

Geneva Police Chief Frank Lindsey says his department is cracking down on the drug trade. Since February, Chief Lindsey says 40 drug arrests have been made at Riverside.

Riverside residents say it's just a matter of time when a bullet with no name injures or even kills an innocent person, perhaps even a child.

Several hours after speaking with News 4, Tammy Smith found her car tires had been slashed.

After filing a police report against a drug dealer last month, Smith says her car windshield was smashed.

Even after all this, Smith says she will continue her fight on illegal activities in her neighborhood.