Downtown Dothan Revitalization Plan

Dothan Vacant Building

There's been a lot of talk about it in the past. But Dothan officials say a new master plan could revitalize downtown Dothan.

Officials say new plan has worked in places like Columbia, South Carolina and Thomasville, Georgia. Both of those cities' downtowns are once again thriving.

Dothan officials say now it's the Circle City's turn to give it a try.

Officials say when giving tours of Dothan, they basically skip downtown. The lack of parking and the dilapidated buildings are not exactly what they want to show off.

If commissioners approve a consultant to come and make suggestions for changes, downtown will be the first stop.

"It's an attempt to say, okay there's been a lot of talk about downtown Dothan in the past, what can we do now so we can finish?” said Dothan City Manager Mike West.

The consultant who’s been instrumental in revising other downtown cities will develop a comprehensive strategy.

That strategy will focus on such things as redevelopment, structure design and even landscape.

The price tag for bringing him Dothan is a little more than $100,000. So far, $33,000 has been raised.

"Usually, the soul is its downtown and visitors will not visit a city has lost its soul so maybe with this plan we can find our soul," said Bob Hendrix, Dothan-Area Visitor's and Conventions Bureau.

This is the first time a downtown master plan has been created for Dothan

The item will appear on next weeks city commission agenda.