Geneva and Samson on Lookout for Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit money has started appearing on the streets of Geneva and Samson over the last week.

Authorities say the counterfeit bills look very similar to the really thing. Some of these bills have fooled even banks and convenience store clerks. One way to distinguish fake money is the feel of the bills themselves.

Last week, a cashier at a Geneva supermarket accidentally accepted a phony, $100 bill. Authorities say its one of a rash of counterfeit bills which has floated Geneva and Samson. The bills themselves look genuine but there is something in the feel of the bogus bucks.

Magnolia Market Manager Doug Williams has been in the grocery business for more than 20 years. His personnel are equipped with a counterfeit marker. If the ink turns dark, the bill is no good.

He said when there's long lines of customers, sometimes things are not checked the way they should be.

It's believed that some of the phony money can be traced to spring breakers making their way down to the coast. Local authorities along with the secret service have tied the bills to main highway routes.

Geneva police say if you have any doubt over the authenticity of a bill, contact your local law enforcement agency. To report suspicious money in Geneva, contact police at 684-2777.