Governor Riley’s Ozark Visit

Alabama Governor Bob Riley visited Ozark Friday to discuss the final day of this legislative session. The governor addressed several topics including tax cuts and a bill concerning unborn children and murder.

Governor Riley is trying to inform the public about a lot of issues right now, including some that will be voted on during the final day of the legislative session. Some of which he feels are vital to Alabama’s economic success.

"I don't foresee a problem asking for two to three programs to go through," said Gov. Riley.

One item Gov. Riley is focusing on is getting the sales tax holiday passed to allow parents and guardians the chance to shop for school clothes and supplies tax free.

Gov. Riley said, "We’ve passed the House; now we need the Senate to have a sales tax holiday right before school."

Many retail shops in Alabama have complained that they are losing money to Georgia and Florida, both of which have sales tax holidays. So far this year Riley has had many bills passed and has reached many of his goals.

"The governor made lots of progress. We were six million dollars in debt and he is just a great ambassador," said State Representative Steve Clouse.

Another topic Riley is focusing his attention on is increasing the penalties for murdering pregnant women. He was in Mobile Friday to sign off on a bill that will go into affect in July.

"If pregnant lady is murdered, it will now be two counts of murder," said Clouse.

The bill was initiated by the death of Brandy Parker who was killed while she was eight months pregnant.

Gov. Riley also discussed child pornography and his attempt to make it possible to prosecute those individuals who have not only child pornography, but also computer generated pictures depicting children in an inappropriate manner.

Gov. Riley is also working on an income tax bill that will save 700 dollars a year for individuals who have children and are making less than $20,000 a year. It would also save those making less than $30,000 an extra 200 dollars.