Alabama Is the Third Heaviest States in the Country

According to the centers for disease control and prevention; obesity in America is quickly surpassing tobacco-related deaths. Experts say those numbers will keep rising.

But there is a Dothan woman who has chosen to shed unwanted pounds the hard way.

20 years Donna Morehead has been overweight; nearly reaching a staggering 300 pounds. She was so large that when she broke her ankle. The doctor told her she'd need to lose 40 pounds just to walk again.

Donna had gotten to the point where she was popping six different medications' just to stay healthy. However, after trying unsuccessful weight loss plans; Donna decided to try adding exercise and weight training to her daily routine.

"I never did a work out so when I first started it was real hard, but I stayed with it 6 times a week, and sometimes 2 times a day," said Donna Morehead.

In 10 months Donna has loss 110 pounds.

Starting off with a colon cleansing, a routine work out and healthy eating. Her personal trainer Mike Mitchell, helped Donna achieve these goals. He said for the past two years he's seen a trend of more women in the gym than men.

Lately reports show there is an increasing number of obese men.

"A lot of men today are getting more corporate jobs, men are more relaxed, most guys today are going to the bar and drinking instead of going to the gym," said Mike Mitchell.

The statistics are alarming. 73 percent of Americans are obese, Alabama is one the top three heaviest states in the country. But experts say it doesn't have to be having to be this way.

"It was hard a lots of time and I wanted to give up but I said I can do this," said Donna.

Donna said the biggest lifestyle change is the cost of buying new, smaller clothes. Her target goal is 145 pounds.

In 2004, 400,000 people died from obesity costing family members more than $122 billion.