Geneva County Dog Poisoning

Eneva County officials are trying to get to the bottom of several dog poisoning cases. A resident lost three dogs in the last week.

Margaret Greathouse looks down at her small pet cemetery where she's buried three dogs in the last week. It all started last Saturday when she noticed her indoor dog fighting for its life.

“Their body stretches out start hemorrhaging blood fills with lungs and they die,” said Greathouse.

Greathouse worries about her other dogs that are still living. She lives on a dirt road said she can't leave or sleep for fear they will die too. Some neighbors have reported other poisonings there too

Investigators have come to Greathouse’s house and questioned neighbors. However officials said no one seemed to have a problem with the animals.

“I’d just like to say to whoever does this can be so vicious God will deal with you,” said Greathouse.

If officials find whoever is doing this then they will be charged with animal cruelty.

Greathouse took the poisoned dogs to the vet to have an autopsy which showed the dogs were killed with rat poison.

Anyone with information should contact the Geneva County sheriff's office at 334-671-3956.