Greater Beulah Baptist Church Voting

Hundreds of Greater Beulah Baptist Church members packed into the Houston county courthouse Friday to vote on whether their church's finances would continue to be handled by the church or an outside source.

The judge overseeing Friday’s voting session counted about three hundred of ballots.

The ballot read: "Do you want the financial issues at Greater Beulah Baptist Church determined at the church or in court?"

After tallying up these ballots, the judge announced that church members will handle the church's financial troubles.

All this started when a mortgage on the church amounting to $3.5 million began raising some eyebrows.

Eventually, the church's pastor was accused of mishandling its funds, and several church members filed suit to have an outside source oversee the church's finances.

A judge ordered that members vote on the issue, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of handling the issue in-house.

“I feel great the God has spoken, the judge has spoken, and now the people have spoken. Unfortunately we had to go through this process, but any time that you're in ministry, you're going to be tempted and tried," Rev. R. Paul Hollman.

Church members have not said how they plan to fix the church's finances; nor have they given a timetable as to when they expect to have those problems fixed.