City of Troy Joining Other Cities to Ban Smoking

Cities across the Wiregrass are implementing bans on smoking in public places. It's been passed here in Dothan and in Ozark. Now Troy is joining the bandwagon.

Robert Jones owns Crowe’s Chicken in Troy; one of the more popular restaurants in the area. However, he said that didn't stop him from making it non-smoking 12 years ago.

Robert said Crowe’s tight space just wouldn't make it comfortable for non-smokers to be around those who light up. But now businesses across the city must follow suit.

Troy's city council recently passed an ordinance that prohibits smoking in public places.

"Research has shown that there is a considerable amount of disease cancer, heart disease, etcetera, etcetera, that is caused from second hand smoke. The person that chooses to smoke is making their own decision, but the person that chooses not to smoke should have the right to a have a smoke free environment," said Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford.

Troy is the first city in Pike County to have a smoking ban. Soon other cities may not be too far behind

"I think it’s a long-awaited decision we've been looking at it for a long time,” said Lunsford.

However, don't pack the tobacco away just yet. Businesses can choose to have a smoking section under strict guidelines. It must be completely walled off and have plenty of ventilation.

Though the ordinance is effective immediately, business owners have until Jan. 1 to comply for a sealed off section.