Mosquito Season Begin

Last summer's storms are still having a major impact on the Wiregrass, and it may soon be more obvious during this year's mosquito season.

County health officials say there is a higher risk of getting mosquito bites this season than in recent years.

It's the city of Dothan’s annual routine where more than 80 locations around the city are treated. However, this year the insects are more of a concern than in the past.

"With the hurricanes we just experienced, we generally have some mosquitoes that will be blown this direction, a new variety. So hopefully the same method we had before will be effective against those," said Dothan City Official Bernard Ward.

With different breeds of mosquitoes now and uncertain weather patterns ahead, the threat of West Nile virus and other biting diseases are a major concern.

"It's about that time of year for Hurricane season, and if we have hurricanes anything like we did last year, we'll have standing water, debris blown around," said Public Health Environmentalist, Doug Turnbull.

So public health officials are trying to get the message out to help reduce mosquito breeding sites.

As mosquito season approaches, county and city officials go door-to-door distributing these fliers, reminding people to do anything from clearing their gutters to draining bird baths.

Their best advice: is to remember the five D's:

Dusk and dawn are the most risky times for mosquito bites. Dress to avoid or catch the insects. Apply "DEET" before spending time outdoors. Drain any standing water on a regular basis.

For people with pools or ponds, an over-the-counter larva cede is available at any home improvement store.

The larva treatments are called "mosquito dunks."