Dothan City Summer Jobs

With the approach of summer, many students and seasonal employees are trying to find a job. Dothan's leisure services department says there is work available in the circle city.

While some people are planning their summer vacations, others are planning a summer vocation. Throughout Dothan’s city parks and camps summer job positions are already steadily filling up.

Some folks have already begun working this spring to better prepare softball fields and the like, when summer hits.

“It's looking good right now, however we still have lots of vacancies, the city employs around 165 youth every summer,” said Elston Jones, Dothan Dept. of Leisure Services.

About half of those employees keep coming back.

Those vacancies Jones speaks of include camp and playground supervisors, maintenance, lifeguards, and pool attendants.

And being around the pool and getting a tan, seems to be the most popular position applied for.

People are really attracted to being outside, in the sun; they get to enjoy the sun. However, there are positions that require more age and more experience, officials say when this happens they call on Dothan city school teachers

“We have at least three playground coordinators, these are positions we do seek out adults for because the role that they play for the camps and playgrounds kind of exceeds what we expect our youth to do, so we are looking for full-time educators,” said Jones.

Hundreds have already applied and Dothan leisure service officials hope to have all positions filled by the 22nd of this month.

To find out more about the positions available you can drop by or call the city of Dothan’s personnel department at 615-3180.