Recent Opp House and Business Burglaries

Several homes and businesses in Opp have recently been broken-into and robbed. In most cases, the burglars are looking for money, but get away with much more.

Authorities are calling it "rapid entry," the thieves are kicking in doors and breaking windows to find what they're looking for. Then they leave within minutes. For those who have been burglarized, it's just plain frightening.

Owner of Dawkins Floor Covering, Janet Givens said, "It makes you very uncomfortable--knowing that someone could actually come in, break in your store and go through your stuff."

Most of the recent burglaries seem have taken place in late afternoon hours or after dark.

"Authorities say the rash of burglaries began about two weeks ago and it started in businesses. Now the burglars have moved onto private residences."

Authorities have no solid leads yet, but are trying to develop a vehicle description and determine where the stolen property is being held. They’re asking for citizens to be on the look out for anything suspicious.

"Don't' wait. Call the police. Tell them what you saw, where you saw it and let a police officer check it out. We rely tremendously on the public to help us. If they don't help us, it just makes our job that tougher," said Opp Police Chief Michael McDonald

Authorities have not ruled out the possibility that the cases could be connected.

In the meantime, are advising people to keep their money in a secure place, and to consider investing in a security system. Anyone with information on the recent burglaries can call the Opp Police Department at 493-4511.