Scam Artists Are Targeting Elderly

Statistics show senior citizens are the most targeted group for fraud.

In the final leg of a series of conferences held around the state, Attorney General Troy King visited Dothan Tuesday morning to help guard elderly citizens against scams.

According to King, the Internet, credit cards and trusting seniors have become havens for scam artists.

As the more than 120 registered senior citizens listened in to King’s speech, he also told them that now, more than ever, is especially crucial for citizens to protect themselves because of the implementation of the Medicare prescription drug plan.

He said scams are one of the most underreported crimes in the state.

“Don't be ashamed if you've been scammed and you don't step up to stop it, somebody else is going to get scammed so you need to report it, you need to call your local Police Department, call your local Sheriff's Office and allow them the investigate it, to find these people and hold them accountable for what they're doing,” said Attorney General Troy King.

King’s office is open to anyone wanting more information on the topic. That number is 800-230-9485.