Domestic Dogs Destroy Livestock

Ronald Terry’s livestock were killed by domestic dogs. Ariton officials are turning to Dale County authorities for help in solving the problem.

Terry owns dozens of goats. He found a pack of six dogs in his goat pen Monday killing two of his goats. Dogs have killed 38 goats of his in the last three years.

“I’m about to the point to where I’m going to start shooting dogs at random if it doesn't stop,” said Terry.

He has a fence around the pen and an electrical fence inside that one. He's angry at his loss and what could be lost.

Terry said, “We need some control; I don't want my animals killed and others don’t want theirs killed.”

Terry took his concerns to City Hall Monday night. Council member Marie Black said she's had several complaints about the dogs and people are afraid of the animals.

“We've got to get the county involved and get dogs out of town or owners do something,” said Black.

Something owners can do is put their dogs in a pin or on a leash or Black says they could end up in the pound.

Most Wiregrass cities have leash laws to prevent dogs from running wild.