Alabama's Reaction to Bush’s Speech

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Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, in a television interview Tuesday morning, said he doubts Saddam Hussein will leave Iraq within the 48-hour deadline imposed by President Bush.

The Mobile Republican said he's concerned about the use of chemical weapons against U.S. forces, but he also believes a military invasion will be successful.

Second District Congressman Terry Everett, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said diplomatic efforts had stalled. Seventh District Congressman Artur Davis questioned the timing of the impending war.

Meanwhile, opinions varied on President Bush's call to arms Monday night, as citizens braced themselves for an impending war with Iraq.

Twenty-four-year-old Bryon Hedgepeth, who watched the speech with about
15 other students at Alabama State University, said Bush has "taken it upon himself to make himself the ultimate liberator of the Iraqi people," but doesn't have the support of the United Nations.

But 20-year-old ASU student Avalon Smith said the United States has to "step forward to say we are serious about disarming" Iraq.

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