The Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center

The Wiregrass rehabilitation center helps hundreds of people each year get jobs. Now the coffee county commission is helping in that effort. It's a partnership that aids both organizations.

The Wiregrass rehabilitation center provides training to hundreds of people with vocational barriers to employment.

They train them to be good employees and help them find jobs in the community.

“We're always looking for contracts in the community and to have individual contracts with diversity,” said Susan Hicks, Wiregrass Rehab Center.

Wiregrass rehab has a lawn crew. They have a supervisor and train individuals to do lawn care services. The Houston County commission awarded a contracting bid for lawn care at the courthouse in Enterprise.

“They will be working in flower beds applying fertilizer and cutting grass,” said Hicks.

There were several companies who put in for the bid. But Wiregrass rehab was able to give them the best offer.

“They're a growing business and we are looking forward to working with them,” said Wilson Mobley, Coffee County Administrator.

The Wiregrass rehab has more work to offer and the county courthouse will have a landscape at a good price.

The wiregrass rehabilitation center was recently awarded more than $250,000 federal dollars to expand their operation.