A Man Died During Routine Maintenance Check at Paper Mill

An accident that was originally mistaken for an explosion Monday morning at a paper mill in Georgia kills one worker. The facility emphasizes safety at work, but during a routine maintenance check, that worker fell 20 feet.

59-year-old Jerry Widener of Donalsonville had been a mechanic at the paper mill for 39 years. Monday morning, about 9:30 Widener was performing a routine maintenance check and fell 20 feet.

“The employees are deeply saddened. This was a person who was well known. He was not an employee, he was a friend of ours,” said George Cifelli, Cedar Springs Operation

Widener was taken to southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan where he later died.

The mill will remain open; however relief counselors will be on sight to help those who need it. The accident is still under investigation.