95.5 WTVY Radio DJs Update

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Samuel Cherry, the attorney for 95.5 radio personalities spoke out on Tuesday about why the employees walked out on their jobs.

Cherry says Amie Pollard, Ken Carlile, ‘Big’ Mike Casey and Miss Elizabeth, along with other employees in the sales department left the station because they did not like the way management was treating them.

Cherry says that management had secretly advertised some of their positions as available jobs.

WTVY-FM replaced KC and Pollard with other personalities.

The station's attorney contends that because they are under contract, they cannot seek other employment opportunities.

However, the DJs claim they've never signed a contract with Magic Broadcasting because their original contract was signed with Styles Broadcasting Incorporated.

"In this situation, there is no agreement between the current company and our clients. So, I feel very free in advising them that they can go seek employment from wherever they choose," explains Cherry, attorney with the Cochran Firm.

It is unknown right now if the issue will go to court.

The station manager did not want to talk to us on camera about what happened and what's next.

And, to clear up any confusion, although we share the same call letters and are in the same building, WTVY-TV and FM have been owned by separate companies for more than 10 years.