Dothan Expansion

Some experts predict within the next five years Dothan could be a heavy contender for cities the size of Montgomery.

With industrial businesses and new restaurants locating here, many say it’s Dothan’s location, hospitality, and great quality of life that make the city so appealing.

Last fall it was announced that Olive Garden would be opening a franchise in Dothan along with a TGI Friday’s, which would be reopening. Both restaurants would be built on two empty lots next to Golden Corral on Ross Clark Circle.

In late February construction began on the project. It seems weekly the TGI Friday’s and Oliver Garden restaurants are getting closer to completion.

"In most commercial constitutions you have a certain amount of days that that you have to do it and there committed to opening their restaurant on a certain day and we're committed to finishing it,” said Marc Nelson, Olive Garden Site Supervisor.

Both restaurants have about 25 local and out-of-state contractors working on site daily. In fact, Dothan’s TGI Fridays design is only 1 of 3 in the entire nation.

TGI Friday’s construction is expected to be completed the week of June 13. It’ll be opened for businesses by the beginning of July.

Olive Garden should be finished by mid-July and opened the second week of August.