Deserted New Brockton Store Put to New Use

A Wiregrass Clergyman believes an abandoned convenience store in New Brockton can serve the less fortunate.

Pastor J.L. Wesley of Whosoever Ministries went before the New Brockton City Council this week.

Wesley said he can convert the city's old "Junior Food Store" into a thrift shop.

The Enterprise man wants the opportunity to renovate the dilapidated building.

The pastor said the money raised through clothing sales will go into his ministry’s public assistance program.

"Our goal is to open 12 stores, take half the profits in each store and put it into a building fund to build a facility to get them off the streets," said Pastor J.L Wesley.

The city council has not taken any action on Wesley’s request at this point.

One official believes the old building can be repaired and serve as a community center.