A Soldier Visits Elementary Students

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An American soldier visited a second grade class at Landmark Elementary School in Dothan to share his story and thank them for their support.

The school was filled with excitement as the soldier made his way to the classroom. The intercom played patriotic music and the children prepared themselves to give their Soldier pen pal a warm welcome home.

One Landmark Elementary student said, "Thank you for serving our country.”

“What is it like to be in the Army?"

Another said, “Thank you for saving our country. Happy Thanksgiving, daddy. Keep being brave."

Those are some of the letters written by second graders at Landmark Elementary.

Students started writing Sergeant Arthur Myers last November when the teacher learned one of the students’ fathers had been deployed.

The assignment teaches a variety of lessons. Elementary School teacher Tammy Alexander said, “It teaches patriotism, love of country and wonderful thing in writing is writing for a purpose."

The letters arrived in Iraq shortly before thanksgiving filled with words of encouragement and excitement.

Sgt. Myers said, "It took me by surprise because it was my first piece of mail in country."

Sgt. Myers was so appreciative of the letters that he wanted to meet all of the children who took the time to write him.

Mrs. Alexander said, "Mr. Myers called from Iraq to see if he could come and have a pizza party for them and meet the kids that wrote him."

The students were all smiles while Sgt. Myers came to the class. They sang him patriotic songs and recited a poem to let him know just how much they appreciated him.

The students were in awe that a hero was actually inside their classroom. They loved listening to Sgt. Myers story with pizza and free t-shirt is what topped the whole celebration off.

Sgt. Myers told that a simple letter letting them know that you are behind them truly makes a difference when you are away from your country and family.