Wachovia Bank Robbery Attempt

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Dothan Police quick respond to a bank robbery led a suspect into custody.

Thursday morning, Jerry Purdue allegedly entered Wachovia Bank at the Main St. and Park Ave, and attempted to rob the business; however Dothan police's quick response led to an arrest.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell said, "Everything fell into place, the alarm went off and an investigator happened to be in the area and he responded rapidly."

Allegedly Purdue entered the bank pretending to have a weapon and handed a note to the teller, after receiving the money Purdue found an unexpected surprise.

"He was surprised by the dye pack going off. It disoriented him and gave law enforcements plenty of time to make the arrest," Powell says.

Investigative Officer Tim Odum made the arrest and attributed its success to a number of reasons, “good police work, good team, it's everybody at the Dothan police department working together."

Because the dye pack worked effectively, no money made it off the property of the bank, however if a robber is able to escape without being caught there are provisions in place to protect customers finances.

President of Dothan Wachovia Banks Mark O'Mary said, "We have security measure and we won't let film crews inside we’re very protected of our customers money."

In a matter of minutes police apprehended the suspect and took him to jail where he will be tried in state court.

Wachovia bank at the main and park remained closed for the rest of the afternoon, but plans to re-open Friday morning.

Jerry Wayne Perdue, 47 years old, is charged with 1st degree robbery. He's in the Houston County jail with $30,000 bond.