Illegal Immigrant Crackdown

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Governor Bob Riley is working to decrease the number of illegal immigrants in Alabama.

Riley is pushing for more troopers to go through a training program to have the authority to arrest illegal immigrants. The increased arrests are an attempt to improve homeland security.

Alabama is one of only three states in the nation that have programs designed to allow state troopers to arrest illegal immigrants. The program was created to accomplish many goals of the state government.

"People are coming and not paying taxes, they're a burden and having foreign people here who aren’t documented, it's a homeland security issue because they can move around the United States undetected," said Alabama State Trooper Corporal Tracy Nelson

Governor Riley is calling for more state troopers to be certified to step up the amount of protection available to the residents to Alabama.

"There are a lot of illegal immigrants and the problem now is people coming here to commit crime," said Nelson.

The program is designed to deport illegal immigrants, but is not designed to seek out all illegal immigrants in the area.

Currently there are 44 certified state troopers who are trained to arrest illegal aliens. The federal government funds the training programs and Governor Riley is currently trying to get approval for more. The program is quite extensive.

The local state trooper post currently has four officers who have passed the course and are enforcing immigration laws. The post hopes to send at least three additional troopers to the next class.

Several illegal aliens arrested in Alabama since the agreement went into effect had previous convictions including armed robbery, drug smuggling and rape.