The Lawsuit of Greater Beulah Baptist

A Houston County court heard from both sides Tuesday in a lawsuit involving a local church and its minister.

Tuesday’s hearing centered on whether Greater Beulah Baptist church's documents should be frozen until a third party can temporarily take over the books.

These are just a couple of the issues that were filed in a lawsuit by Greater Beulah Baptist church members B.C. George and Starla Whitfield on the other side of the suit, Reverend Paul Holman, and his secretary Dorothy Brown whose named as a forger of church checks.

Both George and Whitfield took the stand.

"The only thing I've ever seen Reverend Holman present is he wanted to have 30 foundational members to build a reservoir, so he presented projections of what he'd liked to have done. But there's been nothing on how much he wants for this or that," said Starla Whitfield

Case witness Letitia Daniels headed up a fundraiser for the church where nearly $70,000 was raised. She says that money, along with $950 Holman took out of that account is still unaccounted for

"I'm very, very sad about what's happening because I think it could've been handled better in a different matter. I think when members ask questions they should be answered," said Letitia Daniels.

Before the actual lawsuit is filed in court, the plaintiff’s attorney Deborah Seagle is hoping to freeze the church's documents

The court room was crowded, many of the members sitting on the floors and standing in the hallways. Larry Adams was one of them and said this whole thing is a mess.

"The church has announced from the pulpit several times that anyone interested in looking at church’s finances, they setup an appointment with the church secretary or meet with the church's financial committee and they can see all the detailed records that's available,” Larry Adams

Judge Ed Jackson said he'll make a decision by the end of this week.