A Man Is Charged With the Death of His Five-Month-Old Son

A Dothan man is in jail, charged with the murder of a five-month old boy. The child died last week, and police said it's his father responsible for the infant's death.

Authorities say 41-year-old Tony Dent is responsible for his son, Christopher Dent's, death.

Police said the boy was taken to Southeast Alabama Medical Center, where his father told doctors his son was having respiratory problems.

After an examination, doctors found the boy had suffered a brain injury.

The baby was transferred to a Birmingham hospital, where he later died.

The hospital informed police about the incident, and after an investigation, authorities said it was Dent who caused the injury by throwing his son against a couch.

"Based upon the investigation and interviews with both witnesses, medical professionals, and with the family members, investigators were able to assemble a case that will show that Mr. Dent was the person who caused the injury that later claimed his sons life," Sgt. Stacy Robinson, Dothan Police Dept.

Dent is now charged with capital murder, and if convicted, could face the death penalty.