Search for a Missing Elderly Woman

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A nationwide search is on for a missing elderly woman from Dothan.

Eighty-six-year-old Helen Childress Clark was last seen by family members Thursday morning. Police said her car was spotted by authorities this weekend in Mississippi, but they are still unsure about who was driving it or why her license plate number was checked.

According to family members, she can sometimes be forgetful. However, being gone this long is out of the ordinary. She lives with her two dogs, just down the street from her niece.

Clark's Niece, Doris Lynn, said, "I know that once before she veered off, but she's always been able to bring herself back. She always acts like she's okay, but I think this time something must have happened."

Dothan police investigators have been working the case since Friday and have made contact with authorities in Indiola, Mississippi where Clark's car was spotted this weekend, and while they're waiting for answers to questions surrounding that event, they're chasing down what leads they have right here in Dothan.

"Her and her niece has a joint checking account. We've checked with them and there's been no activity on the checking account, so that concerns us a little bit also, with her out away from home like that," said Dothan Police Department Lt. Tommy Martin

Still, nothing at her home is out of the ordinary, and no foul play is suspected.

Anyone with any information in the case should call the Dothan Police Department at 615-3000.