Family Members of Elder Man Are upset About the Circumstances

Family members of the 77-year-old disabled Houston County man who was found neglected and abused in his home Saturday are upset about the circumstances of his condition.

His wife, 50-year-old Ramona Thrasher Ormes, was arrested for elder abuse Saturday after sheriff's deputies found William Ormes laying in a bed at their house with bed sores, insect bites and feces surrounding him.

Family members said the bedroom he was in had no electricity and the phone cord had been cut. They said he had suffered two strokes and his health had been deteriorating for months. The family said the Department of Human Resources was called, but they never followed through with an investigation.

"That was back in September. That's when I called DHR the first time, and like I said, they couldn't do anything because he wanted to come back home. So they discharged him, let him come back home and it ended up like this," said Mechelle Adams, the granddaughter of William Ormes.

Neighbors said Ramona Ormes only occasionally checked up on him. When William Ormes was found, he hadn't eaten for two days. He is recovering at Flowers Hospital in Dothan. His wife is in Houston County Jail under a $25,000 bond.