Ethanol From Sugar Cane?

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The country of Brazil recently announced they are independently replacing gasoline with ethanol from sugar cane.

A Holmes County man who is trying to do the same thing. He's presenting his ideas to the development commission. Holmes County resident Charles Smith has been researching an alternative to gasoline for about a year.

He says with the gas shortage after Hurricane Katrina and the rising oil prices; we should turn our attention to sugar cane.

The Midwest is producing ethanol from corn right now.

But smith says it's 80 cents cheaper a gallon from sugar cane.

He says there are a lot of questions to be answered still and probably a visit to Brazil.

But right now he just wants to get the word out to the public. He's hoping the development commission will join in Tuesday night when he proposes the idea.

Smith is meeting with the commission Tuesday night at 7 p.m.