Draft Beer Bill Countdown

It's been an ongoing issue for years, whether or not to allow draft beer to be sold and served in Houston County.

There are only days remaining for state lawmakers to approve the measure. Local officials say there is still hope that it will be passed.

Mark Culver, Houston Co. Commission Chairman said, "There are various reasons and each has his own. A lot of people feel as though it's a moral issue. A lot of people just don't want more access to alcoholic beverages. And we understand that and that's why we're putting it out for a vote."

Before the issue is put on the June primary ballot, legislators must first give the green light for the bill and Governor Bob Riley then has to sign it into action.

If passed, the bill wouldn't change the days or times alcohol can be sold. Instead, it would make draft beer available to alcoholic beverage carriers like restaurants and bars.

Topics like this that lures businesses to the area or send them away. So for the next three days, senators will be pushing the issue and are very confident it will pass. Local officials say once it does pass, there will be no more campaigning.

Mayor Pat Thomas said, "Our goal was to get it on the ballot. We're not gonna choose a side; we aren't gonna try to sell it one way or the other. Ours was strictly to get it on the ballot so people can choose which way they want it to go."

If the bill does not pass in time to make it onto the June ballot, it will appear on the ballot for vote in November’s election.

There is a slim possibility that the bill will not pass at all in the legislature. Houston county officials say if that happens; they will present the issue again for approval next year.